Xtracare IT Solution (XIS) offers a holistic stratum of Tours and Travels based APIs where it hordes a certificate of excellence. We are in high spirits having delivered most sophisticated Tours and Travels API Solutions to our valued clientele.

By gone are the days when the world used to be colossal; when it used to take weeks or months to reach distant lands. The current world is blessed with science and technology. The mankind has not only visited the nooks and corners of this world, the Earth. He has also trespassed into the space. All thanks to airplanes and space shuttles. With all these technological advancements, people these days find it exciting to visit different places for either business or pleasure. Holidays, especially, are seen un-worthy if it isn’t spent out of station. The globalized business markets have opened the gates of frequent foreign visits. All of this has shown immense encouragement to the Tours and Travels industry.

It’s not just the way we travel which has changed; even how we get a ticket has also evolved. These days, nobody loves the idea of standing in a queue to get their tickets done. As a matter of fact, we see no need to do so. In this age of digitization, we certainly have a better means to get such things done with just a few mouse-clicks. In comes handy our well-tailored Tour and Travels API.

 XIS displays a feature-rich Tours and Travels website applications or APIs that is a complete answer to the pre-requisites of the retailers and merchandisers of the Tours and Travels industry. The attributes instilled in our APIs encapsulate the ease of business for travel companies, resorts, consolidators, travel advisors and tour operators. Undoubtedly, it becomes the easiest way to grip your customers online.

Features of our Tour & Travel Portal-

 Search features

 Online booking system

Online Hotel booking system

 Content Management Systems

 Online availability updates

Online payment system

Our Clients

We take enormous pleasure in saying that we feel blessed showcasing euphoric colossal patrons. Our clients have placed their trusts in us and we are glad to keep it safe. We have loved them all and they have echoed the same.

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